music school and cultural center in Ahmedabad
Proposal 2021
In cooperation with Benedikt Brachtel
​​​​​​​A simple baring structure of only six pillars allows nearly every use of every floor.  The pillars and the heavily dimensioned slabs contain - additional to their bearing function - technical access like electricity, cooling, water, etc. and offer simple (technical) access to every square foot of the building. Both are made of heavy material, so they guarantee temperature latency and the possibility to temper the building with natural cold air at night. 
Varying heights improve different uses and show the cluster of different functions in the facade. the heterogenous quality of each floor and each room is both concept and result of the design going hand in hand with the imperative of the functions.  
The playful shaped pillars mark certain places, where specific functions are to be found. The position in the plan shows where the restaurant is or where the meeting point on the second floor will be found. They allow the visitor to easily orientate. 
Like goddess sarasvati the TVAK “ship” holds an instrument and a book in the sky, symbolising creation and knowledge, while marking the spot symbolically in the urban context of the erea. 
Materials, colours and symbolic shapes can be adjusted to collaborative wishes of the working team! The concept is meant to leave that freedom to owners, occupants - whoever is involved.
Hence the building structure also relates to Corbusiers Dom-Ino-House, only that its purpose is not of a residential nature, but of culture, which now can be customized and further developed by its occupants.